The inspiration behind Autumn’s Dawn is a beautiful young woman with an Autism Spectrum Disorder named Autumn Dawn Howard.  The concept for the organization began when her parents, Allen and Linnie Howard, began exploring post-high school options for Autumn.  Unfortunately, what they discovered is when individuals with disabilities complete their high school experience, far too many of them end up jobless and friendless.  They often sit at home the majority of the time without setting and pursuing goals.  The Howards realized they had stumbled upon a significant area of need not only for their daughter but for many others like Autumn.  Autumn’s Dawn came to life when the Howards combined forces with committed educators who created a plan to assist these young adults with their post secondary transition.  The chosen name, “Autumn’s Dawn”, was inspired not only by Autumn, but by the concept of supporting young adults at the dawn of their adulthood.